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Medicare For All Who Want It

Medicare For All Who Want It is the Healthcare Strategy of democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. An interesting concept and could actually work. Without getting in to how the providers would feel given their restraints as it relates to what they can charge medicare, (because we know there will be push back there), lets examine this option briefly.

  1. What is one significant advantage this concept has? #Choice

  2. What is one significant flaw this concept has in it? #Uninsured

  3. What does medicare drive for from its beneficiaries? #Costsharing

In every developed country with a public healthcare system, what's occurred is the system has manifested itself in to a get what you pay for model. Meaning the public system covers a portion of (or to a certain level of) care, leaving the covered party to determine if they want to self insure or more or better coverage (choice) and ultimately paying for it themselves or receiving it as a benefit from their employer (cost sharing).

The get what you pay for model seems to work for other countries systems so why not the United States with #MedicareForAllWhoWantIt ? Leave medicare to cover those who can't pay for or don't want more expensive richer coverage. Even if you choose medicare there will always be an insurance company offering you a supplement. The only flaw would be if coverage is not a requirement (uninsured)!

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