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HSA - A Supplement for Single Payer Healthcare

The discussion of #singlepayerhealthcare coverage is all over the place this election year! Whether it is #medicareforall or some other form, it is being discussed and equally feared by many. The thing to think about when you think about single payer health is; what will it mean for me? What will it cost me? What will my potential out of pocket exposure be?

One of the key components of #medicare coverage is the out of pocket cost each member is exposed to. Not unlike a high deductible health plans do, medicare instills a sense of consumerism in its members. While only 30 percent do not purchase part D coverage and "only 19 percent of original medicare beneficiaries have no supplemental coverage" the number is relatively high given the statistical use of drugs and healthcare services post age 65. remember these individuals are actively choosing to self insure their potential out of pocket exposure, which is consumerism.

So is the HSA the answer to supplemental coverage for a single payer program? Absolutely! Case in point, with Rx and healthcare usage percentage being much lower in the under age 65 demographic likely many individuals will choose to self insure their potential out of pocket exposure under a single payer system. If so why choose any other mechanism to support a single payer healthcare strategy than an HSA?


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