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Welcome to HSA In A Box, specifically designed for any financial institution wanting to provide best in breed HSA accounts while maintaining the time and effort needed to focus on their customers.

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HSA In A Box is an solution born out of the concept, offering HSA accounts is:

A business necessity for all financial institutions 

A tremendous growth opportunity for financial institutions


The challenge lies in:

How much difficulty offering HSAs can be

How expensive it is to offer an experience the account holder truly is looking for

~HSA in a box, allows financial institutions the benefit of being in the HSA business without the challenge and cost~


We know without HSA In A Box a financial institution's alternative is:

Utilizing basic DDA accounts

Managing accounts outside their core

Leaving customers searching for an account elsewhere

Dealing with HSA issues

Questioning HSA compliance

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Low Cost Deposits

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Multigenerational Relevance

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